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The home is designed for the urban life as well as the open landscape. The street-facing side of the Steel Study House II is designed for privacy, with operable shades and louvered windows that minimize sounds and maintain privacy. The underground garage is accessed via a ramp off the street, and the service area is positioned away from prying eyes. On the other side of the house, a large outdoor courtyard opens up to the water, offering fresh air, beautiful views, and sunlight.

Rather than situating the home in the middle of the lot with a yard surrounding it as a buffer zone, the home takes up a large portion of the lot and situates the “yard” in the center. All of the rooms have views out into the south-facing courtyard, which brings in the morning and mid-day sun while protecting the home from the hot afternoon sun. Covered patios, louvers and shades help protect the floor-to-ceiling windows from solar heat gain.

The home is constructed out of lightweight prefabricated components set on a simple, orthogonal 6 x 6 meter grid structure. The home was partially modeled after Steel Study House I (2003) and was tailored to the site to make the most of the opposing views of the town and the water. The project is Archipelontwerpers’ second prefab house, and it was designed in 2007 and completed in 2010.

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Images ©Marcel van der Burg/Archipelontwerpers