This summer, luxury crossover buyers have a new model to choose from when the 2015 Lincoln MKC rolls into showrooms. The MKC is a new crossover that has a small footprint, but a big dose of style mixed in, like the Lincoln MKZ sedan.

The MKC is set to battle a long list of competitors like the Acura RDX, Audi Q5, BMW X3. With its iconic split-wing grille and sculpted lines, the MKC brings a new level of style to the small crossover segment. Under the hood, buyers can choose between two powerful engines: a 240 horsepower 2.0L turbocharged EcoBoost engine or a 285 horsepower 2.3L with 305 lb-ft. of torque.

Both engines are mated to a six-speed automatic transmission and if you’re looking for the traditional shifter, the MKC doesn’t have one. Instead, the transmission is controlled by buttons on the dashboard. While you’re there, the dash also has a button that gives you access to Lincoln’s Drive Control system that gives the MKC three suspension settings: Comfort, Normal or Sport.

Lincoln says that the MKC’s cabin is the quietest in its class, which makes it even easier to hear the enhanced THX II Certified audio system that reproduces music—as it was intended to be heard in the studio. Some other highlights are the panoramic vista roof that allows natural light to fill the cabin for both rows of seats, and the MKC will welcome you with its exterior lights that turn on automatically as you approach it.

Of course, this all sounds great, but it means nothing until you actually get to experience it in person. While you wait for the MKC to roll into a showroom near you, Lincoln has created a “Dream Ride” that allows you to ride along as a passenger in the MKC, virtually. Users who visit team up with celebrity driver Sam Page who gives you an up close view of many of the MKC’s features like its Active Park Assist, MyLincoln Mobile App and Noise Cancelation System.

I’m personally looking forward to the arrival of the first-ever Lincoln MKC, since on paper it looks like it will be able to give top sellers like the BMW X3 and Acura RDX a run for their money. Upon visiting the Dream Ride page, users can simply watch the video of the MKC or for an even more interactive experience you can allow it to pull stats and photos from your personal Facebook page. I highly recommend the second option. Not only will you see your name pop up in the video, but you’ll also see your profile picture used.

While I would have loved to be behind the wheel, from the passenger’s seat Sam Page showed me how well the MKC performed as we pursued a guy who somehow managed to steal his wallet. While you can simply let the video show you parts of the car that it wants to, you can also move your cursor around to see other views while the video moves along. The video is a very fun and more intimate experience than a simple studio produced video to introduce the MKC, so be sure to check it out!

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