Whew! Summer is definitely just around the corner. We can feel the humidity intensifying with each day in New York City and we know it will only be a matter of time before the heat will really be upon us. With that thought in mind, we thought we would start looking at some ways to keep cool without blasting the air conditioning or using more electricity — and we found some pretty neat innovations and are excited to see what else pops up over the summer!

Ouch! Laptops can get hot. Scientific American tells us about a new fan-free technology that will help keep your laptop cool.

Jetson Green gives a tip about these super efficient venetian blinds to help keep your home cool.

Treehugger reports that scientists are getting close to developing super magnets that will make refrigerators more energy efficient.

Green Building Elements shows us a neat umbrella-inspired design that will help cool a children’s hospital in the desert.

Green homes help us keep cool, and The Guardian wants us to be be wary of green home myths. We saw a lot of buzz about green homes and renovations this week as well.

Last but not least, our favorite way to cool down is still to find a shady spot under a tree!