Throughout April, we have been covering a number of design events and trends that seem to increasingly capture the public’s attention. We like that being green doesn’t mean being crunchy. Rather, eco-consciousness is transcending stereotypes and rethinking how we live and relate to our world. As public awareness increases, we see that people are finally understanding that green design is vital and viable. Even after the hey-dey of Earth Week, we are loving that there is such a thirst for eco-design knowledge that even publications not traditionally known for skewing green are offering environmental news coverage.

The NY Times created an interactive graphic that explains passive home design.

The Wall Street Journal asked four architects to create designs for the most energy-efficient homes they could imagine.

Core77 highlights a video from the White House blog which features Van Jones discussing the benefits of green roofs.

The Chicago Tribune shares a preview of Pete Nelson’s fifth book, “New Treehouses of the World.”