Today marks the end of the first week of the landmark climate talks that have been taking place in Copenhagen, and there’s already been so much news surrounding the conference on the interwebs that we thought you could use a quick refresher! While most of the major news networks have been broadcasting the main points that we’ve already gone over with you, there are also a bunch of titillating side stories and developments that we thought would pique your interest. For example, did you hear that “COP15” hit the web’s #1 most googled term the other day? Here are some more lesser known tidbits about Copenhagen that you can use to impress your friends over Friday night drinks tonight.

Treehugger says that Gordon Brown believes that if you still think climate change is a crock, you can join the group of people who believed the world was flat. And for those of us that do believe, help create a Twitter book for Copenhagen.

Guardian reminds us that nothing important in this world can happen without it becoming a video on YouTube.

If you really want to make a personal change to help the planet, you should eat less meat and dairy — and submit a question to be asked at COP15 here. You have until December 14th!

Forbes reports that China has turned hostile on “The West.” (China also says that climate change can be fought with population control)

Grist produces the first of quirky videos featuring Eugene Mirman as he reports on all the Copenhagen happenings.

Worldchanging reminds us that those who walk, save the planet.