It officially became summer this week, and in anticipation of the heat we have talked about keeping cool, and why wind is important. This week we are thinking about water, because who can argue how refreshing a cool glass of water can be on a hot summer day? In the past, water often had to be moved across miles to get to its consumers. It seems, perhaps more so with a looming water crisis,  that water continues to fascinate people because at times, it can be an obstacle to overcome while at other times,  it is a giver of life. We wondered how contemporary designers respond to man’s relationship with water and this is what we found:

MoCo Loco tells us a little about these natural water filtration systems for aquariums that make a nice little garden too.

New York City has been rainy! Fortunately, Treehugger features these raincoats made of potatoes.

ENN covers a rather exciting innovation: water-cooled computers that can double as heaters.

Green Options shows us how to make our own rain barrel.

Designboom highlights a tree-inspired water barrel for the home.

Notcot features a soon-to-be completed Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge — although we think it is quite nice to look at, we do wonder about its eco-friendliness.

And here’s a combo of last’s week and this week’s roundup: Notcot shares this new and interesting way to travel that uses water for stability and wind for propulsion