Halloween is almost upon us — and we hope that your’s will be as ghoulishy green as it is delightful. Not sure how? Well then, check out some of the best in green goodies for this Halloween featured on Inhabitots.

First, the costumes: Oeuf’s bat hat is an eco-friendly costume piece that will last even after the Halloween festivities are over.

But if you are looking for more, Oeuf also creates these wildlife-inspired animal knits for the adventurous child in your life. If your tyke is still too young for those, try these adorable hat & booties sets.

If you want to keep this year’s Halloween costumes DIY, take some advice from Vickie Howell or take a peek at Alison Jenkin’s book of wacky knitted costume designs.

Dressed up in cozy and eco-friendly costumes, you’ll probably want to treat your kids (ahem, yourself) to some Halloween candy , but if you’re not crazy about chemicals and artificial additives, try these healthier Halloween treats.

These Halloween crayons, perfect for creating spooky art, are the perfect answer for a non-sugary night.

Ah, and last, but certainly not least — check out these green options for stowing away that Halloween booty: a Jack on Black Halloween fabric bucket and ghastly casette tape sculptures that could make anyone squeal if asked to reach in for their treat.