It’s about that time when we all start to think about getting away. However, getting away might not be an option for everyone this year, not to mention that traveling can be extremely bad for the environment from the plane’s carbon emissions to all those little knick-knacks that end up cluttering the house. But even if you are thinking about a staycation in your very own backyard, roof or terrace — it should still feel extraordinary! So if you are looking for some inspiration to spruce up your space, try starting with what we found:

Re-nest shares this functional NYC rooftop that we can becoming the ultimate hang-out spot in the summer.

CubeMe found this forest-inspired walkway that was also featured on Materialicious and Re-nest.

Designboom features these lawn lounge chairs that blend right into their grassy surroundings.

PicoCool loves these recycled sun and moon jarsjust like us!

Treehugger offers for you to “get away from it all” with a change of scenery with these prefabs perfect for camping.