Last week, Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG asked Mason White of InfraNet Lab for his thoughts on the growing interest in infrastructure and planning. White reflected that designers today that are looking to positively impact the built environment, and are subsequently thinking about the bigger picture rather than object-orientated thinking. So if you love architecture, and are curious about the larger systems at work at the city scale — and you want make sure it is environmentally conscious, take a peek at the initiatives and innovations that were covered this week below.

Mother Nature Network tells us about a program in New York City that will train building managers in the latest green building practices.

Good Magazine reminds us that there are several components to creating more livable cities.

Treehugger is cautious about a substance that enables concrete to remove nitrogen dioxide from the air.

Green Options says that England and China have new transportation projects: ecowordly says England has a dual plan that include bikes and trains. cleantechnica says China is funding a high-speed rail.

(Oh, and Happy Birthday, Worldchanging!)