If you live in a city, you know that the apartments are tiny and there isn’t a lot of green. That means you have to rely on the public, open spaces for a little breathing room. We <3 public space because it means we are sharing space, which means we are building a community that cares about its neighborhood. This week, we are looking back on some pretty cool initiatives, and looking forward to something immensely exciting — the OPENING OF THE HIGH LINE ON JUNE 9TH! We absolutely can’t wait, look for coverage next week!

Designspotter ponders how this colorful public seating would change our perception of public space.

Re-nest reminds us that you can rent a bike for free in Downtown New York City all summer long, courtesy of Bike Around Downtown!

The NY Times covers the Bike in Style Challenge sponsored by LVMH, asking students at FIT to design activewear for urban bicyclists.

We’ve rather been enjoying core77‘s coverage of metropolitan/municipal design, especially London’s Design Museum’s latest exhibition which examines how interventions can be made to enhance the experience of Londoners on public streets.

Yours truly was excited to see that Treehugger supports these NYC block parties.

Core77 features this unusual and thought-provoking eye candy on the High Line.

And, what is this? Curbed reports that Frank Gehry’s design for Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards is being ditched and replaced by something simpler. Read the full story at the NY Times.