For years, we have been trying to control our interior environments — by putting up four walls and a roof, and then by stuffing insulation into walls and painting coats of funny chemicals on the outside. Today, we know that environmentally-sensitive indoor climate control will require re-wiring of buildings and the way we think. Lightening a building’s carbon footprint is a challenging task, but one that promises product innovation and creative design. It all starts with baby steps, and this week we’d thought to highlight a few initiatives that look at roofs and walls.

Treehugger spotted PNC Financial Service’s GIANT green wall. Jetson Green says that the south-facing wall is 25% cooler behind the verdant wall.

Clean Technica tells us about a solar paint that could fight climate change even better than white paint. (Did you know you could volunteer to paint roofs white in NYC?)

Bus-Tops is a blog devoted to tracking the results of a campaign to beautify bus tops.

Archinect showcases a vegi-tecture project that proposes a vertical garden as part of a cathedral in Los Angeles, California.