At one point we’ve all done it – spilt a drink over a laptop, gotten our tablets soaked in the rain, or even dropped our phone in the toilet. Water has always been the bane of electronics, however American company Liquipel just announced that they have developed a way to completely waterproof our devices against the elements. Using a revolutionary process, Liquipel applies a hydrophobic nanocoating to your devices that completely waterproofs it and protects it against accidental exposure to liquids.

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The coating is completely invisible to the human eye and is virtually undetectable. In fact, Liquipel promise that their coating will in no way “compromise the look, feel, and performance of your electronics.” In fact, the coating is 1000x thinner than a human hair.

While their website does not go into detailed specifics, Liquipel’s method can reportedly coat an entire device to protect all of the vital components inside and out from accidental contact with liquids. The resulting gadgets can be used in the rain and are protected against clumsiness.

If you are interested in protecting your gadgets, then the only way (currently) to do so is to mail them directly to the Edison Award-nominated company. Hopefully it won’t be long before this technology is on the open market and every electronics manufacturer applies it as a standard feature.

Click hereto see a range of devices being or waterproofed or watch the video below.

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