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The Australian artist’s pieces range from geometric plays of color and shadow, to representational pieces like birds, feathers and fish. Rodden’s brightly colored underpaintings are carefully calculated so that when she cuts away at the top layer, precise hues of bright colors and patterns are revealed.

After each intricate cut, the heavy white paper is then folded, curled, or bent, to create dimension and show the colors beneath. Rodden’s geometric pieces create incredible trompe l’oeil effects by incorporating the resulting shadows – they seem to extend farther off the page than they actually do.

Rodden’s animal pieces are even more incredible. With her delicate slices, small cuts become graceful peacock feathers that float across the page. The wingspan of a bird stretches from each corner with soft, fine paper feathers that bend up from the paper. The artist’s koi fish seem to glitter with paper scales as they swim around the picture plane.

By playing with the simple relationship between shadow and dimension, Rodden has created a body of work that celebrates the beauty of organic forms, textures and color.

+ Lisa Rodden

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