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{Live Between} is a mobile hotel that lets you have a completely new experience sleeping hundreds of feet above the ground in a suspended pod. The hotel travels from city to city bringing fresh energy and excitement, much like the circus used to. Landmark spots are chosen next to skyscrapers, and the unused air space in between buildings are put to use. The pods are strung up with high strength cabling and a tension pulley system in a unique configuration designed specifically for the space. Floor plates of adjacent buildings are taken over to serve as the hotel lobby and provide other guest amenities.

The pods are transported to new towns in a fleet of vehicles that run on hybrid biogas fuel/electric power. While the temporary hotel is being assembled a giant screen hangs over the space to keep everything secret until the big unveiling event. Guests of the hotel may travel, or will likely be residents of the city looking to experience their city in a new way. Photovoltaics on the pod provide all the electricity necessary for the space. Each pod also has all its own water and makes use of low-flow fixtures and waterless toilets to minimize water use. Each pod is self-sufficient and does not need a grid attachment. Waste from the pods would be converted into fuel for use in the transport vehicles.

{Live Between} is meant to provide an exciting new experience for residents of a city, make use of underutilized space both inside and outside of skyscrapers, and infuse the local economy with money from tourism. Although just a concept now, with all the pop-up businesses and architecture, one can easily imagine these high-flying temporary hotels showing up in cities across the globe. But hopefully you don’t have to be a tightrope walker to get into your room.

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