In less than 10 hours one of the biggest events in music history, Live Earth, is set to begin in Sydney. With an expected audience of over 2 billion people, the organizers of the event hope that this 24 hour worldwide concert will raise awareness on the issue of global warming and get people to take action in solving the climate crisis. Artists performing at the event range from Madonna and James Blunt at the London Event to Dave Matthews and the recently reunited The Police in the United States, and many many more! Check the website for the full lineup- the music starts tonight at 9:10pm EST!

Live Earth is being promoted by Save Our Selves foundation, which was created by Kevin Wall and Al Gore. One of the main goals of the event is to get people involved in the fight against global warming. To do this, organizers plan on asking concert goers and viewers to support a pledge to reduce global warming by, amongst other things, demanding a new international treaty to reduce greenhouse gases, a reduction in the construction of coal-based power plants, support green businesses, and reduce personal consumption and take personal action to become carbon neutral. The website for the event offers a fair bit of information and tips that you can help you achieve this goal.

While we’re thrilled that there’s so much attention being focused on a good cause, we’re a little skeptical as to the “greenness” of the even itself- a gathering of this magnitude (the power required for the concerts, food and refreshments being trucked in, etc) rivals that of the superbowl in its carbon emissions (although the Superbowl has in fact been carbon-neutral for a few years now). So, as we’re enjoying the music, let’s not forget the original intent behind Live Earth, and maybe even go a step further to neutralize our own carbon footprint, and take a critical look at whether events like this are a viable solution- what other ways can you help out?

The concert starts at 9:10p.m. New York time on the 6th of July. If you can’t make it to the concert, like most people, you should be able to watch it on your local television channels, or via the web. If you are attending, the music fan within us is jealous of you.

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