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Live Share Grow is a proposal by Brandon Martella for a combo residential tower and vertical farm for downtown San Diego. The multi-story tower is dual purpose – one side is holds residential apartments in varying sizes, while the other is a large-scale hydroponic vertical farm. Located in a popular area amidst other residential towers, offices, tourist attractions and very close to the bay, Live Share Grow would be sited to contribute to the larger community. Waste, grey water and black water can all be redeemed through recycling, grey water infused aquaponics, and black water compact combustion to create thermal energy. The tower would also provide new opportunities for education, commerce and healthy living.

According to the FDA, the average American alone consumes 707.7lbs of fruits and vegetables each year and the residents of San Diego consume 21,310,000 lb a year. Martella’s tower would provide enough space to group about 532,000 lbs of produce every 3 months. This is approximately 10% of the produce the city consumes – a sizable portion of the city’s needs and produced in a sustainable and local facility. The produce sold through the open air market would contribute towards the local economy serving residents and restaurants a like, while providing jobs to local residents, even residents that live inside the tower.

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