In his ongoing “Urban Wild” collection, artist Ivan Stojakovic creates a new and unique merging of painting, sculpture and the live wall. The artworks, comprising small and large formats, installations, and free-standing sculptures, are made out of deconstructed composite panels and live succulent plants. Stojakovic’s art has been an exploration of the evolving relationship between the natural and the fabricated world. In a statement on his website, Stojakovic said, “I aspire to give viewers a sense of flight, an inner high with overview of land, and raise their inner (environmental) awareness. I also wish to impact viewers with real plants inhabiting the traditional wall art format. The plants clash with fabricated forms, and resonate with rich textures and colors, in dynamically balanced compositions. In this way, I want the take the audience on a journey through changing landscapes in which wild natural and man made environments strive to reclaim one another.”

+ Ivan Stojakovic
+ Ivan Stojakovic Instagram

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