YouTube Vloggers Bethany Mota, GloZell Green and Hank Green of EcoGeek scored an interview with the President to discuss the top issues facing our country today, over a live YouTube stream that is available to anyone with an internet connection. Press play above to watch the video and see Obama and the bloggers talk about everything from improving our carbon footprint to Obama’s dream of becoming an architect.

Barack Obama Live Interview Bethany Mota, Obama Youtube livestream

Each blogger got a few minutes to talk with the president about a range of topics. Hank Green took president to task for his State of the Union Address, saying that none of his ideas seem politically feasible, adding, “am I wrong?” Obama replied that he hopes to get more political cooperation to do things like produce more power without wasting energy and generating so much carbon pollution. Hank also asked Obama about the crazy mishmash of pot legalization in the country. The President agreed that focusing on marijuana as a criminal issue is counterintuitive. Finally, Hank ended on a positive note by asking Obama to sign a picture of Hank filling a prescription that he couldn’t afford until Obamacare made it possible.

Next, GloZell Green asked the President about providing better cyber security in the wake of the Sony hacking scandal and Obama assured her that improvements are happening. When she asked what Obama hoped his legacy would be, he responded that the economy, along with reduced pollution, improved access to college and health care reform were his biggest accomplishments, but there is a lot more to be done.

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Lastly, Obama spoke with Bethany Mota, jumping straight into the issue of college. Obama promised better access, more affordability – particularly with free community college for students. He also reconfirmed his belief that the key to a good future is addressing climate change and our collective carbon output. To finish things off, Bethany asked what Obama wanted to be as a child when he grew up. He replied that he wanted to be “an architect for a long time,” which seems like a pretty great answer to us.