The concept is simple — grow plants and create the opportunity for a greener lifestyle. Lively Root’s mission is to do just that. In fact, Lively Root aims to “inspire green spaces by connecting people with plants.” What could be simpler?

Workers inside the Lively Roots nursery

Lively Root is rooted in sunny San Diego, California, where its base of operations manages both orders and the growth of thousands of plants. Each plant is grown in the nursery and nurtured until it’s ready for shipment to a new home.

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The love of plants is rooted in the company philosophy, with the founders sharing a combined 200 years in the horticulture business. That mindset rolls over into a love for the planet with the company stating, “We care about our plants just as much as we care about our impact on the environment around us. That’s why we only use eco-friendly materials including the sustainable packaging your plants are shipped in.”

Packaging is meant to ensure safe transport so plants arrive in optimal condition. Moreover, Lively Root takes pride in choosing recycled paper products that can also be recycled once the plant is removed. Plant soils are protected during transport with another natural material in the form of compostable coco fabric. This layer holds the soil in place during the jostling journey.  

“We wanted to ensure that every part of our process is as green as possible, from the leaves on your new plants to the packaging it arrives in,” Lively Root says.

A snake plant from Lively Root nursery

Nurturing plants and plant lovers

The company feels it’s as important to nurture new plant lovers as much as the plants themselves. Inasmuch, it provides inspiration and guidance for recipients, whatever environment the plant lands in. This starts with a variety of ways to shop for plants in order to find the best fit. Sort by rooms, care level, discounts, or plant type. Choose from indoor, outdoor, tropical and even pet-friendly plants. In addition, ensure the best fit for your type of natural light and dedication to watering. This allows you to choose plants for every space with the highest level of success. Using these filters while searching also allows you to find the perfect gift.

Your order comes with a Lively Root care card for each plant. The care card includes instructions on the location, watering and feeding of your new family member. The support and feedback continue after receiving your plant with online databases that provide information about plants and their care. The Plant Care page is like a blog for everything you didn’t know you didn’t know about plant care. It covers different types of plants, seasonal care, root rot, pets and plants, watering techniques, and other Plant 101 topics. 

The Plant Talk page digs into plant trends, gifting, holiday decor, interior design, edible plants, the best selections for you and how to match plants to a certain space, among other topics. 

With a name and philosophy like Lively Root, it’s no surprise it believes there’s no such thing as too many houseplants. To guide you through the evolution of your plant environment, it provides a jungle calculator where you enter the size of your room and it puts together a recommended plant assortment for the space. If you’re looking for a gift idea, you can sort out the perfect options and then sign up for a subscription plan so your friends and family members receive a new plant quarterly until their jungle is filled.

Eco Pots by Lively Roots in a variety of earthy tones

Eco-friendly nature

As stand-alone gifts or part of your own order, Lively Root also offers eco-friendly pots made from recycled materials. The Eco Pots are available in five sizes, ranging from small to one gallon. They also come in four different colors, which include Coconut, Earl Grey, Chai and Macadamia. Each is shaded with organic and environmentally-friendly pigments. These four colors cover the basics of white, gray, terra cotta and cream to make any exterior or interior design.

Eco Pots are also made from a blend of rice hulls, recycled plastics and natural stone. The manufacturing process uses very little water and leaves zero waste since all scraps are recycled. The company claims they have a lifespan of over 10 years and are completely recyclable. 

In alignment with the company goals of enjoying the many benefits of plants, Lively Root donates a portion of its proceeds to the like-minded Arbor Day Foundation. Together, the organizations promote healthier air through plant photosynthesis, offer education about the importance of plants and support efforts to reforest the world’s lands.

Lively Root also supports military personnel with a 15% discount for current & former U.S. military, military spouses & dependents and first responders, including law enforcement, fire and EMS.

The company’s return policy reads as follows: “Lively Root guarantees all of our plants and eco-friendly products will arrive in a condition that will make your green space proud. We guarantee all of our plants for 30 days from the purchase date to be healthy and arrive in good condition.  Note: In November-February this policy only applies to plants labeled “hardy.” If you purchase a plant that is not hardy and it ships to, or ships through a freezing area, we cannot offer a replacement.”

Happy Planting!

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Images via Lively Root