Developers in Liverpool are planning a major residential development that would incorporate green principles from design through operation. The $31m project would include fifty-four homes in a five-block area and would be slated to expand to one hundred and fifty homes over several future phases.

Sustainability in this case does not apply only to the environment, but to individual homeowners as well. The use of ample insulation and low-flow appliances will significantly reduce the cost of heating, cooling and water in the home.

Other features will include triple-glaze windows, low energy lighting and rainwater storage. Taking a comprehensive approach, the complex will also provide office space and reduce parking spaces to encourage residents to use public transit and to work close to home.

The development is in planning stages under the architecture firm ID Partnership in Coventry. Assuming it passes through the various approval processes of the city council, the complex is likely to be a pacesetter for the integration of sustainable methods into large-scale residential architecture.

via: Liverpool Daily Post