We like to keep tabs on a diverse range of aesthetic styles at Inhabitat, but if we had to categorize our general leanings, we’d probably say we have a penchant for modern-organic: clean, minimalist shapes with a generous dose of nature. A few weeks ago, we mentioned farm21, whose straw-inside-plexiglass furniture encapsulates this look. Recently, we stumbled upon Livinglass, who introduce a finely polished industrial process to the DIY hand-packed straw approach of farm21.

Livinglass has five different collections of architectural glass, each with its own unique style. We love the Sutra, which is the most organic, incorporating leaves, flowers and twigs into the transparent inner layer of the thick glass slab. The inlaid materials are prepared and laminated without heat in order to prevent deterioration and fading. The glass itself holds up to cleaning, sun exposure and other elements much better than the acrylics and resins that are often used to seal organic material into a transparent casing.

Livinglass will also do custom work. Their panels come in measurements up to 1″ thick and you can dream up any number of organic interior materials. One we love from the Sequoia collection is the Bamboo inlay (below) which contains perfect circular slices of bamboo in varying sizes (and of course we love the Kirei piece on the tabletop). The company claims to use “environmentally-friendly” materials, though that term has been known to convey vague (if mildly inaccurate) information, and knowing little about the intricacies of glass production, we’ll be satisfied for now with loving the appearance of the final product.

If you know anything about the eco-friendliness of glassmaking, let us know!

+ www.livinglass.com