Next up on the list of fabulous, environmentally-conscious prefab: Living Homes. With an immanent launch in Santa Monica, Living Homes is preparing to debut a structure that incorporates the key elements of eco-friendly home construction with an aesthetic that gracefully updates classic Southern California modern style.

With legendary architect Ray Kappe as their first designer, this aesthetic is coming straight from its progenitor. Founder of Sci-Arc and recipient of numerous awards, Kappe’s residential work “has been characterized as ‘the apotheosis of the California wood house.’ Clear systems, harmony with nature, and environmental considerations are hallmarks of his approach.”

From the scant details that have been provided to create proper suspense (it’s working), we learn that the use of substantial natural light, FSC-certified wood, solar energy and green roofs will enhance the value of the home both financially and in terms of human and environmental health. Features like smart technology allow residents to adjust comfort and security levels remotely, and built-in modular interiors accomodate rearrangements for guests and growing families.

The first Living Homes community is being developed near Joshua Tree National Park, where the stark beauty of the landscape is a perfect backdrop for the spare elegance of the homes. In true Southern California style, the concept is holistic: the health of residents and the health of the land are vitally linked, so to preserve and maintain their vitality, we need homes that provide mutual benefit to both. Ergo, Living Homes.