Talk about bringing the outdoors in! This Chaise Lawn Chair is perfect for citydwellers who want that fresh cut grass feeling without the hassle of a full lawn. Designed by Deger Cengiz, the lounger is sure to elicit a chuckle from your friends. And if you really want to show them a good time, cart them around and take full advantage of the human transporter (wheelbarrow) functionality. Note: It is not recommended for use on stairs.

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Made of wheelbarrow parts, wood and sod, the Chaise Lawn Chair is living furniture (the grass part, not the actual chair as that would be pretty creepy). You can take care of it the same way that you would care for a traditional lawn. Have a green thumb? Those who feel creative can use it to house herbs, flowers and other plants.

If you’d like to try before you buy, the Chaise Lawn Chair is on display at the Best Seats on Broadway exhibit in Times Square, New York City for a limited time this summer. You can order the Chaise Lawn Chair at Voos Furniture.

+ Deger Cengiz

+ Chaise Lawn Chair at Voos Furniture