Green building gets literal in this beautiful grass-covered living Lawn House designed by Italy-based experimental architecture firm, altro_studio. The rolled lawn design not only offers a natural integration with the landscape but also holds great insulating properties, is economically sensitive, and is bio-degradable.

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altro_studio‘s Lawn House seems like something straight out of the film Caddyshack — fit for the size of a gopher, the 40 sq ft structure could provide just enough coverage for Bill Murray to stake out and plan his revenge. The house takes the form of a modular unit designed in a system of layers. The envelope threshold is composed of four or six plastic transparent panels. A “tray” system provides a basin for a thin layer of earth and attaches to the three top plastic panels. Another three panels of a grid patterned grate press against the layer of earth, providing an appropriate surface for the final layer of rolled lawn.

The trapezoidal form’s obtuse angles allow the lawn to stay securely intact while also providing superior water drainage control. Altro_studio designed optional front and back privacy panels with a front door and window for good natural ventilation. Additional modules can anchor to the original structure through a docking system with available positioning for a buildup battery for necessary optimization of electric power.

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