Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
It’s a great start to simply use less. But how about living in less? Friday’s New York Times published a great article on a few pioneers of smaller living. Forget the McMansions; no need for a 2,500-square-foot “starter home.” These folks have turned their backs on the desire for extra bedrooms, opting instead for a more “distilled way of living.” The article profiles buyers of several tiny (and mostly prefab) dwellings we’ve profiled at Inhabitat, from the 65-square-foot Tiny Tumbleweed Homes to the palatial 700-square-foot weeHouse.

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Tiny Tumbleweed House, Inhabitat, Prefab Friday, Living Small in the New York Times

Some of those who have found themselves comfortable in these tiny houses have purchased them as second homes, which we find a bit ironic. The romantic notion of a large vacation plot of land, barely flecked with a 10’x 8′ footprint is nice, but probably not exactly what Small House Society represents. Do you really get credit for adjusting your lifestyle for the sake of a small house – if you own two?

Nevertheless, we are encouraged that there are a few others out who have realized that they just don’t need all that extra space – and spreading the word. It’s noted in the accompanying audio slideshow that ‘being in a small space makes the land seem bigger,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Think Small (The New York Times)