LIX is the world’s smallest 3D printing pen powered by the electricity from a USB port and guided by nothing but your artistic instinct. Unlike 3D printers, LIX doesn’t require a program to guide the printing tip and takes less than a minute to heat up the filament inside it. The creators have launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to further develop the design – more details after the jump.

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The LIX 3D printing pen allows users to draw complex objects in mid-air. It can draw anything-from abstract sculptures to jewelry and T-shirt designs and only needs a USB port and a sufficient amount of PLA filament. The hot-end nozzle melts the drawing material and cools it down as it draws out. The structure remains rigid, creating complex shapes.

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The pen is only 6.45 inches long, 0.55 inches in diameter and weights just 1.23 ounces. Its aluminium casing contains a 3.5mm-like jack for connecting to a computer via cable. The pen can heat to over 300-degrees Fahrenheit but only needs to achieve a temperature of 180 degrees to work.

With a sleeker and more compact form and a tip finer than most 3D printing devices, LIX brings out your inner artist and lets you practice your drawing skills in mid-air.

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