LLHOMD, a Black family-owned beauty brand born out of the need for natural skincare, is a beauty brand with super clean ingredients. Founders Lorna, Haywood, Omar and Daren Hawthorne saw a need for beauty products using natural ingredients like pomegranate, prickly pear, aloe, avocado, lavender and vitamins A, C and E.

A Black woman with short hair wearing a pink button up

The brand was born out of Lorna’s quest to find beauty products that made her skin look more vibrant and youthful. She began experimenting in her own kitchen, and the new line was born.

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A variety of LLHOMD products

“LLHOMD Beauty Care is woven into the brand’s core with each letter representing me and my children’s name and reflecting our family values: love yourself, live your best life with laughter, create your own happiness, be optimistic, be motivated and be determined! Our mission through our beauty is to care for you like a member of our family,” said Lorna Hawthorne, cofounder of LLOHMD Beauty Care.

A Black woman with short hair holding two boxes of LLHOMD Beauty products

The idea behind the brand is to create a skincare line that is luxurious and affordable, and also simplifies the number of products needed to keep your skin looking beautiful and healthy. LLHOMD creates solution-based luxury products that evens skin tone and minimizes the signs of aging. The line also caters to women of color, helping them achieve healthy skin and hair with premium beauty products.

A LLHOMD beauty care container

Specifically, their Hair Butter line is 100% vegan and contains monoi oil, castor oil, shea and cocoa butter and other ultra moisturizing ingredients for repairing curly to kinky hair. There are a few ingredients in the base such as phenoxyethanol that won’t agree with people who are sensitive to polyethylene glycol and similar solvents, but overall the list of ingredients is much more natural than most skincare lines, containing things like orange peel, wild mint and cocoa seed butter.

Two Black women holding LLHOMD products back-to-back wearing yellow tops

You can see all ingredients of each product listed on their website before you buy to check for allergies. The pomegranate shampoo and conditioner are also really intriguing, as this is an ingredient that can calm skin allergy reactions and mast cell reactions. You can learn more about their current sales and promotions or keep an eye out for the upcoming organic line on their website.


Images via LLHOMD