Bob Evans, an industrial designer and master RF mold maker has designed these unique GasPod airfoils to help drivers make their cars more aerodynamic, and thereby more fuel efficient. Reportedly inspired by the bumps on a lobsters back, the GasPods can be placed on specific points on a vehicle to reduce drag, offering an unusually simple way to reduce gas consumption.

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Evans reportedly got the inspiration for the Gaspods from the bumps on lobsters’ backs. By placing the Gaspods at unique spots on the exterior of your car, it will become more aerodynamic, which will save gas and allow you to drive even further between fill ups. AeroHance, the maker of the Gaspods estimates that for every gallon of gas saved using the Gaspods, 19.4 lbs of CO2 are prevented from entering the atmosphere and approximately 97 gallons of water are left unpolluted.

AeroHance estimates that by placing 10 GasPods along the rear roof of a vehicle results in a reduction of the vehicle’s drag coefficient by around 5%. Adding GasPods along the rear side of the vehicle further reduced its drag coefficient by an additional 1.6%, to increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicles tested by 6.7%. In the end this translates to an improvement in fuel consumption for the test vehicle of just under 1.3 mpg, or an extra 18 miles for its 14.5 gallon tank.

The GasPods are attached to a car via magnets and a cushioned, gripping surface pad protects your car’s paint from scratching. You can buy a kit of 9 magnetic Gaspods that will be color matched to your car for $124.95. You can also get a 40% discount if you participate in the GasPod Test Team.

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