House SPI, Spado Architects, Alpine farmhouse, Austria, gable roof, larch, locally sourced larch, locally sourced materials, local materials, Carinthia, sunshades Görtschitz Valley

The House SPI was built with a clean and expressive silhouette that stacks a gable wood-clad volume atop a smaller white base. The upper floor projects out overtop the base towards the south to create a covered outdoor space on the second floor and a protective overhang for the patio on the first level. The south-facing floor-to-ceiling glazed end wall on the second floor separates the outdoor space from the living room.

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In addition to the glazed end wall that frames stunning views of the valley below, the home is fitted with numerous glazed openings that fill the interior with natural light. “The architecture relies on functionality and restraint and is characterized by its renunciation of the superfluous,” write the architects. “The [north-south] roof pitch also corresponds with local conditions. By these means, associations are generated with rural architecture, such as mood, settled life, history, identity and homeland.”

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Images via Spado Architects, © Kurt Kuball