A new environmental film project exploring the power of acting locally and how design can impact the world is now underway. Aptly named LOCAL: Make the Switch, the project will consist of 25 short films and an ambitious social media site that seeks to turn our media consumption into positive action. To help get the films in the can, the brains behind the initiative are looking raise seed funding, and have some social investors in the wing. With inspiring stories on rooftop gardens, eco hub communities, and the Living Building Challenge, LOCAL will provide the key insights about how we can make new urbanism a reality—a subject close to our hearts here at Inhabitat.

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LOCAL transforms ‘stories into action’ because we hold our viewers and fans alike to a commitment curve to make a difference in their own local neighborhoods. These are the stories—and the people—that will define the next decade of environmental activism.”

The profiled stories are not feel-good tales about recycling incentives and solar gardens (although we love those), but rather they revolve around transforming entire communities from the bottom up through design and through visionary participants. Many of the films will focus on new forms of urbanism with interviews with environmental thought leaders, adding a personal touch to the work profiled.

The team has posted their first sample film to offer a peek at the rich production quality and inspired content. It covers Christine Baker’s edible schoolyard in a reclaimed Brooklyn parking lot, Robert Hammond and the creation of the High Line, and the inspiring words from Vandana Shiva of the World Future Council: “No big change starts big, all big changes begins small in our communities, in our gardens in our lives, in our consciousness.”

They made a good run on Kickstarter last year but came up short, so this time they are using Indiegogo, which will allow them keep the money even if they don’t make their goal. The film project, co-developed by five long-time producers, is the first step in a media site designed to connect those who yearn to partake in creating livable communities, and those who are making them happen.

+ LOCAL Make The Switch on Indiegogo