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The river is prone to flash flooding, so to ensure the house and surrounding landscape would be safe, careful consideration was applied to the foundation. The vintage trailer is cradled in a steel-framed support structure and lifted off the ground to account for any heavy rains for flooding. Large overhanging roofs protect the interior from the elements and a wide screened in porch expands the living area to the out-of-doors. A concrete blockhouse anchors the home and provides space for utilities a large bathroom and upstairs is a screened in sleeping porch.

The trailer has been completely restored and renovated and includes new bamboo paneling and low energy LED lighting. Decking around the house is built with FSC-certified IPE and Douglas Fir and includes a sweet looking hot tub submerged off the deck. The home enjoys sweeping views of the river and surrounding landscape and is naturally ventilated. Rainwater is collected from the roof and stored in two large cisterns off the back of the house.

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Images ©Paul Bardigjy