Recently the London Transportation Department held a contest to redesign the iconic Double Decker bus, and we’re excited to announce the winning entry by renowned architects Foster + Partners! They’ve created a zero-emissions, super accessible, and environmentally innovative double decker bus that heralds a new era of sustainable public transportation for London.

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We’ve covered a variety of Foster + Partners projects here at Inhabitat, and we were quite surprised to hear that their latest oeuvre was not a stunning green building, but a sleek eco-friendly bus.

The winning entry was a colaboration between Foster + Partners, Aston Martin and Capoco Design. The new bus features wooden floors, reconstituted leather upholstery, panoramic views, and naturally, a glazed roof that incorporates solar cells to generate energy and filter heat and daylight. As expected, the double decker’s classic red color remains.

The London Double Decker bus is one of the most iconic system of transportation in the world. Hopefully, this new bus will bring further impetus amongst cities to improve all of our public transport systems. The winning entry will be turned into a prototype by 2011.

+ Foster + Partners

+ Capoco Design

+ Aston Martin

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