Imagine being able to bicycle through London without having to worry about traffic, stoplights or pedestrians. This vision is one step closer to becoming a reality, thanks to a proposal from London-based design firm Exterior Architecture for elevated bike lanes, or Sky Cycles, which is currently being considered by the city.

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The design firm Exterior Architecture, has created a proposal for a system of elevated bike lanes called Sky Cycle. The Sky Cycle system would allow commuters to travel on elevated pathways between stations, which means that while you couldn’t simply turn off of the pathway anytime you needed to make a stop, it would be the perfect option for getting from one area in the city to another.

Travelers would pay a per-use fee, somewhere in the neighborhood of a pound, to use the system, which would take about two years to build. The pathways would be open air, creating essentially a superhighway for bicycles in the London sky. Sam Martin, the brain behind the proposal, is currently in talks with London mayor Boris Johnson over the project.

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