Hulger‘s beautiful Plumen bulbs explore the possibilities of the energy-efficient CFL, reworking its staid form into fluid light sculptures that dare to be covered up or hidden from view. Named for the plume-like forms that spiral and descend from the light’s pendant fitting, these brilliant bulbs celebrate and encourage the use of CFLs. We caught sight of them at (re)design‘s Lighten Up exhibit at this year’s 100% Design.

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Unsatisfied with the paltry selection of CFL’s available today, Hulger sought to broaden their appeal by exploring different design options:

“Despite there being an abundance of CFL producers, we see only three basic bulb formats available: The Radiator, The Ice Cream Whip and the Tungsten-esc types. Each style is uniform in shape, with no variation, tension or interest. It seems strange that the bulb, an object so synonymous with ideas, is almost entirely absent of imagination.”

Their beautiful re-envisioning of the common CFL is motivated by a desire for people to purchase the bulbs from an aesthetic want as opposed to a nagging guilt. We first covered Hulger‘s Plumen Bulb launch last year, and we are pleased to see the variations that the product has developed since then.

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