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The Flint House is a two-story home with 2 wings on either side and a double pitched roof. These four areas are linked together by a central atrium, a staircase, and library space. Large glazed windows were specifically designed to frame views outside into the garden and to soak up natural daylight. The west side of the home is clad in a mixture of split flint and render – hence the name of the house – while the home is enclosed in a ribbon of vertical oak cladding that runs from the ground floor along the terrace and first floor walls. Textures vary widely throughout the house, but all work in harmony to create a rich materiality. The house was also almost completely hand crafted and features bespoke details like unique windows and doors, distinctive kitchen joinery, specially integrated baby gates, custom-made door handles, and a one-off dining table in the kitchen.

The home is built with a prefabricated and sustainably harvested timber frame and makes use of a highly insulated and tight envelope. Building Information Modeling helped the architects maximize energy-efficiency and natural daylighting. Louvers on the south facade provide privacy for the bathroom and reduce solar heat gain. Solar thermal panels on the roof provide the home with sustainable heating. The house also makes use of natural ventilation, and a sedum roof above the garage absorbs rainwater runoff.

Images ©Gareth Gardner