The 2012 London Olympics haven’t even happened yet and already plans are in the works to tear down one of the stadiums and build a new one in its place. You may have heard about the dispute between the Tottenham Hotspurs and West Ham United. In a nutshell, they’re fighting over the rights to the stadium after the Olympics, but a lot more is at stake than just who gets to call it their home field. If Tottenham secures the bid, they plan to tear it down and build up a new “soccer-friendly” stadium. New plans by KSS have been released for the Spur’s stadium, but it just seems like a massive waste to us!

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The Populous designed Olympic Stadium was built partially out of recycled scrap metal sourced from guns and was also designed to minimize the use of materials and to have a lower environmental impact. The stadium hasn’t even been used yet and is now being threatened with demolition. West Ham United hopes they can take over the stadium after the Olympics and plans to keep it as is with only minor modifications.

However, the Tottenham Hotspurs have a grand scheme for the site and will build a more “soccer-friendly” stadium that does not include the track circumventing the field. Plans were recently released by KSS for the Spur’s stadium, which they claim are sustainable and not a waste of the taxpayers’ money. We think it’s obscene to tear down a brand new stadium to build another one just because it doesn’t quite meet up to one team’s standards.

A decision on which team will get the bid to the stadium is expected later this month and we hope it’s West Ham United. Check out a full run down of the controversy at Mail Online.


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