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Studio Dining East was a three week dining experience for London pop-up experts Bistrotheque, whose third foray into pop up spots turned out to be an eco-success. Groarke, who is known for projects that engage the public, was asked to design a restaurant that could be assembled and taken down easily without leaving a trace behind. He settled on a star shaped layout atop a parking garage that would take advantage of the views of the Olympic site currently under construction.

Groarke didn’t just take advantage of the views of the construction site, he also borrowed materials to build it. Scaffolding was used to build the temporary structure, caisson planks form the walls and floors of the interior, and more planks were used to create tables and a bar. Translucent polyethylene covers the entire structure, providing a soft glow of daylight until the sun sets. Once it’s dark, large chandeliers of yellow cabled construction lights take over and illuminate the long family style tables.

At the end of the three weeks, the entire pop up restaurant was dismantled and all the materials were returned to the construction site or recycled. No trace was left behind – it was as if the whole affair had been just a dream.

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