The streets of London are about to start sprouting electric vehicle charging stations left and right. London’s Mayor Boris Johnson just announced the launch of Source London, a program beginning next year that will aim to install 1,300 EV chargers by the end of 2013. As Autoblog Green pointed out, that’ll make EV charging stations outnumber gas stations in London — now that’s a transportation system that we can get behind.

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“Already there are more electric drivers in London than anywhere else in the UK, but we are now entering an incredibly exciting period in electric motoring,” Johnson said upon announcing the plan. The Mayor’s transport advisor, Kulveer Ranger added, “Source London will make it far easier for people to charge electric vehicles in the capital removing one of the biggest barriers to ownership and giving a big boost to this fledgling market. With our offer to allow other cities to use the Source brand the Mayor’s work on electric vehicles heralds the start of an electric revolution here and further afield.”

The network will be charged based on a yearly membership rather than hourly rates. $161 will get you a full year of unlimited charging – compare that to the annual amount that you pay at the pump! London currently hosts about 2,100 EVs and 250 charging stations, so present owners of EV must be excited about the plan. The Mayor has also decided to waive 100% of the city’s congestion charge for electric vehicles, saving EV owners up to $3,200 a year. With a deal like that, how could Londoners say no to the next wave of green transportation?

+ London Mayor’s Office

Via Autoblog Green