Recognize this abandoned power plant? Of course you do – it’s one of the more well-known power plants in the world, featured in more movies, music videos and albums covers than you probably realize. You’ve seen it on the cover of albums by Pink Floyd and The Who, and it was filmed in The Beatle’s Help, Full Metal Jacket, Aliens, Children of Men, and recently The Dark Knight. The Battersea Power Station hasn’t produced any power since 1983, but soon its set to be part of a major eco-renovation, that will supply London with clean renewable energy in addition to carbon-neutral apartments, offices and parks.

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The Battersea Power Station, which happens to be the largest brick building in Europe, had a generating capacity of 503 MW using only coal for it’s power source. As you would expect, the art-deco power plant was incredibly dirty and polluting even with the scrubbers they later installed. After its closure in 1983, the abandoned power plant went through many hands and had plans for a number of new developments, none of which materialized. The latest plan for the station is brought to you by Real Estate Opportunities, who propose a spectacular eco-upgrade – one which could make the iconic site a national treasure.

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The main feature of the new multi-use project will be a renewable energy generation plant (technology unknown), which will supply the residences, office complex and event center with clean power. The developers are touting the space as the first carbon neutral office complex in London. The plan will also create open public space around the power plant to encourage Londoners and tourists to stroll along the River Thames. Restaurants, cafes, public plazas, and a hotel will be part of this new project.

Construction is set to begin in 2011, with completion slated for 2020. It’s rare that you see an eco-development project coincide with an eco-renovation project for a power plant, so we like it very much. I’m sure Batman, Pink Floyd, The Who and the Beatles would all agree.

Via Treehugger