London’s community bike-sharing program, Santander Cycles, is rolling out some awesome upgrades to its bikes in early 2016. Proving that bike safety has never been cooler, the cycles will be equipped with laser lights which project a bike symbol on the road ahead of them, essentially giving each bike rider their own bike lane. Not only will the lasers make cycling safer for nighttime riders, but the timing allows the company to make the inevitable Star Wars comparison, as this video shows.

The streets of London can become quite congested, making safety technology essential. In London, not only are the bikes equipped with headlights, but the bright green laser lights also project onto the street ahead, creating a portable, illuminated bike lane wherever riders go. This will help navigate traffic on the road, as well as alerting pedestrians crossing the street when a bicycle is approaching.

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Santander Cycles, more commonly known as “Boris bikes” after the mayor who held office when the program launched, initially instituted the upgrades in September of this year for just 250 of their bikes, but all 11,500 will be equipped with the swanky new lasers this year. The company is paying £768,000 of the £860,000 required, while Transport for London’s Cycle Hire Operation will fund the rest. Perhaps the futuristic feature will catch on in other busy metropolitan areas around the world and give riders a whole new sense of security.

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