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Rows and rows of ferns, flowers and herbaceous plants are anchored by 16 tons of soil, spanning over 3,700 square feet along the side of the boutique hotel in the Victoria area of London.  Unveiled this week, the rich living façade was planned in partnership with the hotel, the Victoria Business Improvement District, Gary Grant’s Green Roof Consultancy, Treebox, who will maintain the greenery, and with help from The Royal Horticultural Society, which recommended the best plants for attracting bees, butterflies and birds. Together, the collaborators are finding new and unique areas to infuse green space within the city of London, that will not only benefit the well being of locals, but also the environment.

The area around the new wall is susceptible to surface flooding issues during heavy rains. The Palace Hotel wall is irrigated using this excess rainwater harvested from roofs, making it sustainable and low maintenance, while also helping to absorb this water during heavy storms. The gorgeous living wall will make the hotel a new green landmark in London, while hopefully inspiring others to follow suit!

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