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The presence of One St George Wharf has awakened the area surrounding it, encouraging other developers to invest in improving local transportation, education and healthcare programs. The project rehabilitates a former a brownfield that was once contaminated by industrial waste.

The tower houses 213 units and it’s based on the concept of a Catherine wheel, with each floor comprised of five pie-shaped apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows that drench each unit with sunlight. The building is topped with a 32-foot wind turbine that generates clean energy for the lighting in all of the common areas of the building. Residents can also enjoy a swimming pool, a gym, a spa and a restaurant, as well as beautiful river views.

The entire building was designed to be as energy efficient as possible. A skin of coated glass blocks solar gain, while windows fitted with motorized interstitial blinds open and close automatically to keep temperatures comfortable inside. A green roof garden soaks up rain runoff while insulating the interior spaces.

The green tower has helped to regenerate the area south of the Thames while providing London’s skyline with a new landmark.

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Via World Architecture News