The northeastern US has been inundated with snow over the past month, but one Maryland man has found a way to bring a smile to the faces of passersby with his rather unique snowplow. Dubbed “Loo-cy”, David Goldberg’s sidewalk snow plow is manned from atop a toilet, and the rig is fully equipped with loo paper and a magazine rack—though Goldberg admits it’s probably not advisable to actually “go” on this particular lavatory.

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David Goldberg is no stranger to eccentric endeavors; we’ve covered his work in the past when he created a rendition of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” entirely from door knobs he had in his hardware store. Last year he created a full-size replica of a bathroom from snow outside his Bethesda store, and that’s when the toilet fixation began.

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Speaking to the Washington Post, Goldberg explained: “I built an entire snow bathroom, but it’s always the toilet people laugh at. They loved the toilet.” From there, he made a toilet float for DC’s pride parade, and then entered an amended version into a car show—and took second place.

Which is how we come to the toilet snow plow. Admittedly it doesn’t have a steering wheel, or brakes, but rather “has two pedals that accelerate the plow and allow it to turn.” And while the general public isn’t allowed to take it for a ride, Goldberg assures that it is available for any [toilet] industry execs who stop by his store.

Via Washington Post

Lead image courtesy of David Golberg, other images screengrabs via Washington Post