We’re big fans of multifunctional furniture pieces like this double duty chair and this transforming desk, and now we can add Loop, a clever shape-shifting  furniture Swiss Army knife, to the list. Designed by Israeli Boaz Mendel, the smart piece can ‘magically’ take the shape of a chair, a chaise lounge, a bar stool, a coffee table, or even a bookshelf!

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‘Loop’ is made of seven wooden boards of varying lengths that are connected in a loop by hinges (hence its name). Folding the hinges and creating the desired shape with the help of special metal connectors allows the user to whip up different furniture pieces. The connectors come in an unbleached cotton case with the 12 possible states printed on it.

A graduate from Bezalel Art and Design Academy in Jerusalem, Mendel is part of Four’n’Five, a group of talented young designers that work from Tel Aviv’s Jaffa port.

+ Boaz Mendel

Photos © Boaz Mendel