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As for Abondantus Giganticus’ church-inspired design, LOOS.FM wanted to create a space where festival goers could congregate – a structure that would be instantly recognizable from its form as a public arena. The blocks were assembled in a honeycomb formation, stacked so as to leave regular open spaces throughout the walls of the building. These gaps allow for an open, airy integration between the events which occur inside the church and the ever-changing outside environment. The designers note the proportional peculiarity of the building; while LEGO bricks call up feelings of remembrance, sentiment and creativity, the scale of the church inspires the spectator with awe.

The pavilion contained multiple separate spaces for festival goers which included indoor and outdoor stages and a room in the spire of the airy church-shaped building. Events which took place at Abondantus Gigantus included concerts, an opera, a sports day and of course both a church service and a LEGO building contest.

When the week-long festivalended in October 2011, the pavilion was easily disassembled, with the blocks intact and able to be reused.