The concept behind Loq•kit homes is the use of modular and interchangeable parts – kinda like Legos for homes. Loq•kit homes were originally conceived by PAF Architecture back in 2003 and they’ve been working on configurations and snap-lock parts ever since. Their designs have a strong focus on solar passive design, simple but striking exteriors and use several renewable energy systems.

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The Loq•kit house is system of standardized and interchangeable prefabricated parts that enable rapid assembly and great variety. Essentially there are hundreds of different possible configurations based on how you put the parts together. Each home would be assembled from three types of components: modular metal frame, modular infill, and modular snap-cladding. The goal of these homes is to reduce waste and reach an affordable price point for many who can’t afford to build right now. Parts and pieces can also be sent back to the factory for refurbishment or recycling for a complete zero waste loop. In fact, the Loq•kit home concept won second prize in the international C2C Home sustainable design competition in 2005.

PAF Architecture hasn’t quite built any of the Loq•kit homes yet as the designs are largely still in concept phase due to a lack of funding, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t interest. PAF is currently working on a project in Massachusetts for a personalized home, which is slated to start construction this summer. While the house will not be constructed from the bio-plastic and bio-foam Loq•kit house parts proposed by PAF Architecture, it will showcase a unique method of panelization. The home will also feature SIPs construction, passive solar design, and geothermal heating and cooling, and the layout and exterior design is based on the modular coordination of the Loq•kit house parts.

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