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Images ©Rob & Jules on Flickr

The set for Hobbiton was constructed in 1998 after director Peter Jackson found the Alexander Family farm in an aerial search of the North Island of New Zealand looking for the ideal charming little village. The rolling countryside and the vegetation closely resembled that of J.R.R Tolkein’s description of Middle Earth and so the site was adapted to become Hobbiton, including the creation of 37 little hobbit houses tucked into the hillside.

Now only 17 of those hobbit houses remain, but you can take your own tour of the movie set and Alexander Farm. You can crawl into Bag End, although it looks nothing like it did in the movie and you can even pet the little lambs. The Hobbits had a deep connection with nature and farming and we dig their underground homes that stay cool in the summer and protected from the cold in the winter. We’re sure that’s exactly why the sheep have taken them over.

Via RecycleArt

Lead Image ©Miss_Rogue on Flickr