According to an article by Justin Gerdes for Forbes, last month the city of Los Angeles completed the world’s largest LED street light retrofit, changing over 141,089 street lights to energy efficient LEDs. Other cities have since followed Los Angeles’ lead in the bulb swap, but the Californian city reigns as the largest, securing itself as a leader in energy efficiency. The city plans to retrofit additional streetlights in subsequent phases.

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Justin Gerdes reports that the city of Los Angeles has has partnered with the Clinton Climate Initiative and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, a union which has invigorated the LED market. With the simple LED retrofit, Los Angeles estimates a savings of $7 million in electricity savings per year. In addition to power cost savings, the city also factors an additional $2.5 million in savings from avoided maintenance costs per year, which also accounts for less labor being used.

The street light retrofit utilizes LEDs from various companies, including Cree XSP series, LEDway series, Hadco RX and Leotek GC—each of which consumes 63% less electricity. Aside from creating an example for other cities to follow, the large scale LED retrofit program also boosts the LED market. In time, large programs like this will help invigorate the market and drive prices down, which will encourage even more cities and towns to take on retrofits.

For the program’s second phase, Los Angeles will retrofit 70,000 decorative street lamps.

+ Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting

Via Forbes