In a move to make Los Angeles coal-free by 2020, Mayor Antonio Villariagosa just announced a proposal for a monthly carbon surcharge on water and power bills. The funds will be used to transition the city towards renewable energy sources, and although no set amount was announced, it is expected that the smallest increase seen by 55% of the LA Department of Water and Power (DWP) consumers will be an additional $2.00 a month.

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The proposal was made following a study made by PA Consulting that revealed the city’s current “energy cost adjustment factor” is not enough to clear the coal filled LA air by 2020. A recently commissioned survey by the mayor’s office showed that 64% of the respondents were willing to pay an additional $2.50 a month in order to help the DWP make the transition from coal to renewable energy sources.

The question now is whether or not the addition will make the difference for Villariagosa’s ambitious coal free plan. The carbon surcharge is up for review by the Los Angeles City Council today.