Firefighters are struggling to contain a raging wildfire in the Los Angeles foothills. High temperatures and single digit humidity levels have caused the blaze to grow, and hot 80-mph winds have pushed the flames towards 1,650 homes. Although the fire hasn’t reached the massive proportions that many did last year, experts fear that fire season this year, which has only just begun, could be especially difficult.

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The blaze started in the foothills of the San Bernardino forest and quickly consumed 1,000 acres by Wednesday evening. Although it doesn’t appear to have grown for several hours thanks to a lull in the wind, firefighters are bracing for the fire to start growing again if the winds return later tonight. So far, nine schools have been closed in the area and officials have warned homeowners to be ready to evacuate should the flames move closer.

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Right now over 700 firefighters are using fire engines and bulldozers to cut away brush so that the wildfire has less fuel to burn, but they haven’t been able to use aircraft because of the high winds. Experts warn that temperatures could reach triple digits by the weekend and humidity will stay extremely low, making the environment just right for fires to spread. Firefighters hope to get the blaze under control before then.

Via Huffington Post and KCRA

Lead image via the BLM, image via US Forest Service